MtDNA haplotypes of Rhinolophus rex ssp. specimens in the NJ networks. The colours of mtDNA haplotypes of study specimens match their corresponding locations in Fig. 1 (sensu Burgin et al. 2020; Zhang et al. 2018, Chornelia et al. 2022). MtDNA haplotypes of some Chinese specimens of R. r. rex whose collecting locations are uncertain are indicated with an asterisk (C*) (Table S1).

  Part of: Tu VT, Furey NM, Görföl T, Hassanin A, Arai S, Koyabu D, Douangboubpha B, Csorba G (2023) A taxonomic reassessment of Rhinolophus rex Allen, 1923 and its allies (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae). Vertebrate Zoology 73: 545-556.