Habitat and natural history of Allobates albiventris sp. nov. A Typical understory of open ombrophilous forest at the type locality in Manoel Urbano, State of Acre, Brazil. B Beginning of courtship behavior, in which a male is leading a female to an oviposition site. C Female (unvouchered) positioning herself to jump to the adaxial surface of the leaf, where the male is vocalizing. D Mating pair (unvouchered) in cephalic amplexus. E Mating pair (unvouchered) on the leaf, with the female in oviposition and the male silent. F Recently deposited clutch, with the smallest clutch recorded (17 eggs). G The largest clutch recorded (31 eggs). H Mating pair on a leaf, where a male vocalizes while a female deposits a second clutch on the same leaf. I Male INPAH45045 carrying 10 tadpoles on his back. Photographs by J.R.D. Souza.

  Part of: Souza JRD, Ferrão M, Kaefer IL, Cunha-Machado AS, Melo-Sampaio PR, Hanken J, Lima AP (2023) A new pale-ventered nurse frog (Aromobatidae: Allobates) from southwestern Brazilian Amazonia. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 647-675. https://doi.org/10.3897/vz.73.e103534