Trachemys grayi emolli from the Caribbean versant of Costa Rica: (A) male and (B) female from Gandoca (9.60586, –82.61334), (C) and (D) females from Barra del Colorado (10.79548, –83.58494). Note the subspecies-diagnostic constriction of the postorbital stripe, which can result in a short isolated postorbital spot as in (A). Trachemys grayi panamensis from the Pacific versant of Costa Rica: (E) and (F) males from Terraba Sierpe (8.90735, –83.48044). Note the continuous and anteriorly much narrower postorbital stripe resembling T. v. uhrigi (Fig. 1). Photos: Raúl Fournier.

  Part of: Fritz U, Kehlmaier C, Scott RJ, Fournier R, McCranie JR, Gallego-García N (2023) Central American Trachemys revisited: New sampling questions current understanding of taxonomy and distribution (Testudines: Emydidae). Vertebrate Zoology 73: 513-523.