Phylogenetic relationships of the Chironius bicarinatus complex estimated under Bayesian Inference based on four molecular markers (12S, 16S, ND4, c-mos) concatenated from a final matrix of 2,166 bp. Only posterior probabilities above 0.95 are shown for the sake of clarity as black squares at nodes. Chironius bicarinatus: blue; C. gouveai: purple; Chironius sp. nov. (= Baturité Massif sample): orange. The detailed phylogenetic tree is provided as Supplementary Material (Fig. S1). Photos by S. Marques-Souza (C. bicarinatus), M. Borges-Martins (C. gouveai), and J.A. Oliveira (Chironius sp. nov.).

  Part of: Sudré V, Andrade-Junior A, Folly M, Azevedo JAR, Ávila RW, Curcio FF, Nunes PMS, Passos P (2024) Revision of the Chironius bicarinatus complex (Serpentes: Colubridae): Redefined species boundaries and description of a new species. Vertebrate Zoology 74: 85-120.