General view while alive of Chironius dracomaris sp. nov.: A, B a specimen (IBSP 76994 or 76995) from Sítio Álvaro, municipality of Guaramiranga, state of Ceará, Brazil. These two vouchers were destroyed in a fire on May 15, 2010, leaving only photographic records of one of the specimens while alive; C–F paratypes of Chironius dracomaris sp. nov. (MNRJ 27803 and MHNCE-R 577, respectively) from Museu de História Natural do Ceará Prof. Dias da Rocha, municipality of Pacoti, state of Ceará, Brazil. Photos by I.J. Roberto (A, B), R.C. Gonzalez (C, D), T. Cavalcante (E, F).

  Part of: Sudré V, Andrade-Junior A, Folly M, Azevedo JAR, Ávila RW, Curcio FF, Nunes PMS, Passos P (2024) Revision of the Chironius bicarinatus complex (Serpentes: Colubridae): Redefined species boundaries and description of a new species. Vertebrate Zoology 74: 85-120.