Micro-computed tomography images of the skull for the groups of the Chironius bicarinatus complex. Dorsal, lateral, and ventral views of the skulls (A–I) followed by the respective cutaway views (J–R). Chironius bicarinatus: A–C, J–L; C. gouveai: D–F, M–O; and Baturité Massif sample: G–I, P–R. Scale bar = 5 mm. Abbreviations: AN, angular; BO, basioccipital; CB, compound bone; DE, dentary; ECP, ectopterygoid; EO, exoccipital; F, frontal; MA, maxilla; N, nasal; P, parietal; PAL, palatine; PBS, Parabasisphenoid complex; PF, prefrontal; PM, premaxilla; PO, postorbital; PR, prootic; PT, pterygoid; QD, quadrate; SM, septomaxilla; SO, supraoccipital; SP, splenial; ST, supratemporal; VO, vomer.

  Part of: Sudré V, Andrade-Junior A, Folly M, Azevedo JAR, Ávila RW, Curcio FF, Nunes PMS, Passos P (2024) Revision of the Chironius bicarinatus complex (Serpentes: Colubridae): Redefined species boundaries and description of a new species. Vertebrate Zoology 74: 85-120. https://doi.org/10.3897/vz.74.e106238