Color pattern of subcaudal scales comparing (A) Chironius dracomaris sp. nov. (MNRJ 27716, holotype) and (B) C. bicarinatus (MNRJ 25434, 14983). Arrows indicate a medially positioned black zig-zag line between subcaudals (ventral view) and outer margins with a black outline (lateral view). See Table 5 for detailed comparisons of the most frequent qualitative diagnostic characters. Scale bar = 10 mm.

  Part of: Sudré V, Andrade-Junior A, Folly M, Azevedo JAR, Ávila RW, Curcio FF, Nunes PMS, Passos P (2024) Revision of the Chironius bicarinatus complex (Serpentes: Colubridae): Redefined species boundaries and description of a new species. Vertebrate Zoology 74: 85-120.