Majority-rule consensus trees from ML bootstrap replicates of Cyrtodactylus. Phylogeny based on 3752 bp of a concatenated data set from the mitochondrial gene ND2 and the nuclear genes RAG1, MXRA5, and PDC with UFB support values at the nodes. Nodes subtended with gray circles represent topological discordances with the ND2 phylogeny. Nodes subtended with white circles represent significant nodal support discordances with the ND2 phylogeny.

  Part of: Grismer LL, Wood, Jr. PL, Poyarkov NA, Le MD, Kraus F, Agarwal I, Oliver PM, Nguyen SN, Nguyen TQ, Karunarathna S, Welton LJ, Stuart BL, Luu VQ, Bauer AM, O’Connell KA, Quah ESH, Chan KO, Ziegler T, Ngo H, Nazarov RA, Aowphol A, Chomdej S, Suwannapoom C, Siler CD, Anuar S, Tri NV, Grismer JL (2021) Phylogenetic partitioning of the third-largest vertebrate genus in the world, Cyrtodactylus Gray, 1827 (Reptilia; Squamata; Gekkonidae) and its relevance to taxonomy and conservation. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 101-154.