Maps showing the localities and sampling numbers related to the collection with DJab acronym or GenBank number (see Table S1) of the genetically investigated populations of Pseudopus apodus levantinus ssp. nov. (ND2 & Cyt b) in the Levant with the haplotype networks for each DNA marker. Circle sizes in the haplotype networks are proportional to the relative frequency of haplotypes and small black circles represent missing haplotypes. The expected distribution range (orange) of the Levantine subspecies (see also Figure S4) follows Sindaco and Jeremcenko (2008) and Jandzik et al. (2018).

  Part of: Jablonski D, Ribeiro-Júnior MA, Meiri S, Maza E, Kukushkin OV, Chirikova M, Pirosová A, Jelić D, Mikulíček P, Jandzik D (2021) Morphological and genetic differentiation in the anguid lizard Pseudopus apodus supports the existence of an endemic subspecies in the Levant. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 175-200.