Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of the examined phenotypic characters among the adult specimens of Pseudopus apodus apodus (red dots), P. a. thracius (blue dots), and P. a. levantinus ssp. nov. (yellow dots): A - adult females and males together, B – females only, C – males only. The oval outlines correspond to 95% confidence intervals. For A, PC1 explains 98.7% of variance, PC2 0.59%; for B, PC1 explains 98.9% of variance, PC2 0.45%; for C, PC1 explains 98.6%, PC2 0.59% (see details in Table S5), respectively.

  Part of: Jablonski D, Ribeiro-Júnior MA, Meiri S, Maza E, Kukushkin OV, Chirikova M, Pirosová A, Jelić D, Mikulíček P, Jandzik D (2021) Morphological and genetic differentiation in the anguid lizard Pseudopus apodus supports the existence of an endemic subspecies in the Levant. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 175-200.