The haplotype network for Darevskia lindholmi based on cytochrome b. Haplogroup colors correspond with the identified mtDNA lineages. The numbers of transverse strokes on the branches (in bold) correspond to the number of nucleotide substitutions. The numbers on network elements correspond to the localities on Fig. 1. The capital letters (A–F) represent substructure within the Common lineage (see Figs 1, 2). Expected ranges of D. lindholmi lineages and haplogroups of the Common lineage are shown on the map.

  Part of: Kukushkin O, Ermakov O, Gherghel I, Lukonina S, Svinin A, Doronin I, Simonov E, Jablonski D (2021) The mitochondrial phylogeography of the Crimean endemic lizard Darevskia lindholmi (Sauria, Lacertidae): Hidden diversity in an isolated mountain system. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 559-576.