Platyceps josephi sp. nov. Variation of neck pattern in specimens from various parts of Tamil Nadu state, India. Adults: A. Paratype, ZSI-CZRC-6639 (male, SVL: 756) from Karur, B. Paratype, BNHS 3516 (female, SVL: 592) from Tuticorin, C. Paratype, NCBS-AU733 (female, SVL: 608) from Tuticorin. Hatchlings/juveniles: D. Paratype, NMW 25465:2 (male, SVL: 440) from Salem, E. ZSI 4379 (sex unknown, SVL: 204) from Anamalai hills, and F. ZSI-K 12374 (sex unknown, SVL: 242) from South India without specified locality. Scale bar 10 mm; SVL in mm.

  Part of: Deepak V, Narayanan S, Mohapatra PP, Dutta SK, Melvinselvan G, Khan A, Mahlow K, Tillack F (2021) Revealing two centuries of confusion: new insights on nomenclature and systematic position of Argyrogena fasciolata (Shaw, 1802) (auctt.), with description of a new species from India (Reptilia: Squamata: Colubridae). Vertebrate Zoology 71: 253-316.