A – PCA plots of the first principal component (PC 1) versus the second (PC 2) of morphometric analysis for H. longicephalus–complex. Light brown polygon denote distribution within PCAs of H. longicephalus and pink polygon H. paivae. B – Statistical distribution of morphometric parameters examined by ANOVA. Significant t–values are highlighted by an asterisk (*). For abbreviations see Material and Methods section

  Part of: Lobón-Rovira J, Conradie W, Buckley Iglesias D, Ernst R, Verisimmo L, Baptista N, Vaz Pinto P (2021) Between sand, rocks and branches: an integrative taxonomic revision of Angolan Hemidactylus Goldfuss, 1820, with description of four new species. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 465-501. https://doi.org/10.3897/vz.71.e64781