Morphological variability found within Hemidactylus nzingae. A–G: body, in dorsal view, showing variability pattern present in specimens of H. nzingae (Tissue codes FKH0282, FKH0289, FKH0299, PEM R19895, KH0060, PEM R23991 and KH0061, respectively). H–M: lateral and dorsal view of the head in H. nzingae (Tissue codes: FKH0060 (H–I), FKH0282 and FKH0289 (L–M) (see Table S2 for detailed voucher information). Photographs by Pedro Vaz Pinto (A–C, E, G, H–M) and Werner Conradie (D, F).

  Part of: Lobón-Rovira J, Conradie W, Buckley Iglesias D, Ernst R, Verisimmo L, Baptista N, Vaz Pinto P (2021) Between sand, rocks and branches: an integrative taxonomic revision of Angolan Hemidactylus Goldfuss, 1820, with description of four new species. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 465-501.