Phylogenetic relationships of Old World sparrows (Passeridae) and closely related outgroups weaverbirds (Ploceidae), estrildid finches (Estrildidae), indigobirds and wydahs (Viduidae) and Przewalski’s finch (Urocynchramidae, monotypic: Urocynchramus pylzowi); combined MCMC tree from three runs with BEAST 30 Million generations each, burning 3000 trees (of 30.000 sampled trees); node support: Bayesian posterior probabilities above nodes, thorough bootstrap from RAXML below nodes.; full node support from both analyses (BI: 1.00, ML:100) indicated by an asterisk.

  Part of: Päckert M, Hering J, Belkacem AA, Sun Y-H, Hille S, Lkhagvasuren D, Islam S, Martens J (2021) A revised multilocus phylogeny of Old World sparrows (Aves: Passeridae). Vertebrate Zoology 71: 353-366.