Mito-nuclear maximum likelihood topology with ultrafast bootstrap values (UFB) and Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPP) at the nodes. All species except Goniurosaurus luii had strong nodal support (100/1.00) for their monophyly. The inset in the luii species group is a section of the BI analysis showing the non-monophyly of G. luii with respect to G. kadoorieorum. Colored species are those used in the ecomorphological analyses.

  Part of: Grismer LL, Ngo HN, Qi S, Wang Y-Y, Le MD, Ziegler T (2021) Phylogeny and evolution of habitat preference in Goniurosaurus (Squamata: Eublepharidae) and their correlation with karst and granite-stream-adapted ecomorphologies in species groups from Vietnam. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 335-352.