Rock engravings in Namibia, left side: Peet Alberts Koppie (A-D), right side: Mik Mountains (G-H). A) More than 1000 engravings can be found on rock ridges at Peet Albersts Koppie close to the town Kamanjab (Breunig 2014). B) The giraffe is the most frequently depicted animal at Peet Alberts Koppie (Breunig 2014); images also display various other animals, for example, elephant (C) or oryx antelope (D). Rock engravings at the Mik Mountains should be regarded as part of the largest concentration of ancient rock engravings in southern Africa (Breunig pers. commun.). The images of animals range from abstract, highly stylized and unpatinated (F) to realistic images of today-existing animals, such as white rhinos (G) and kudu antelopes (H). Photos: D: U. Zeller, others: T. Göttert.

  Part of: Zeller U, Göttert T (2021) Humans, megafauna and landscape structure – Rock engravings from Namibia encourage a comparative approach to central Europe and southern Africa. Vertebrate Zoology 71: 631-643.