The petrosal from the Lower Cretaceous Teete locality in Yakutia. A) Ventral view and B) dorsal (endocranial) view of the petrosal. C) Ventral view and D) dorsal view of the virtually reconstructed cochlear endocast (pink) and innervation areas (yellow). E) Anterolateral view of the petrosal with reconstructed soft tissue parts of the cochlear endocast (pink) and venous pathways (blue). F) Posteromedial view of the petrosal.

  Part of: Schultz JA, Schellhorn R, Skutschas PP, Vitenko DD, Kolchanov VV, Grigoriev DV, Kuzmin IT, Kolosov PN, Lopatin AV, Averianov AO, Martin T (2022) Mammalian petrosal from the Lower Cretaceous high paleo-latitude Teete locality (Yakutia, Eastern Russia). Vertebrate Zoology 72: 159-168.