Audiospectrogram and corresponding oscillogram of one advertisement call of the holotype of Gephyromantis oelkrugi sp. nov. (ZSM 314/2010) recorded on 31 March 2010 at Ambodivoangy. The oscillogram below shows a 100 ms section of the call figured above, showing four notes and their repective pulse structure. Recording band-pass filtered at 2000–8000 Hz.

  Part of: Vences M, Köhler J, Crottini A, Hofreiter M, Hutter CR, du Preez L, Preick M, Rakotoarison A, Rancilhac L, Raselimanana AP, Rosa GM, Scherz MD, Glaw F (2022) An integrative taxonomic revision and redefinition of Gephyromantis (Laurentomantis) malagasius based on archival DNA analysis reveals four new mantellid frog species from Madagascar. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 271-309.