Morphological variation in skin texture, colouration, and markings observed among individuals of Minervarya charlesdarwini in the Andaman Islands. A–H Dorsal views. A–D Variation in skin texture and enlarged view of dorsal skin (demarcated with white square) above. A SDBDU 2019.4059 (♀). B SDBDU 2020.4162 (♂). C SDBDU 2021.4212 (♂). D SDBDU 2019.3977 (♂). E–G Not preserved (♂). H SDBDU 2019.4004 (♂). I SDBDU 2019.4005 (♀). J Ventral view, SDBDU 2021.4212 (♂). K Lateral view, SDBDU 2021.4218 (♂). L Dorsal view of thigh, SDBDU 2021.4212 (♂). M Posterior view of thigh, SDBDU 2021.4212 (♂). N Ventral view of hand, SDBDU 2021.4212 (♂). O Ventral view of foot, SDBDU 2021.4212 (♂). P Schematic illustration of foot webbing, SDBDU 2021.4212 (♂). Photographs: S. D. Biju.

  Part of: Garg S, Chandrakasan S, Gokulakrishnan G, Gopika C, Das I, Biju SD (2022) The curious case of Charles Darwin’s frog, Rana charlesdarwini Das, 1998: Phylogenetic position and generic placement, with taxonomic insights on other minervaryan frogs (Dicroglossidae: Minervarya) in the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 169-199.