Morphological variation in skin colouration and markings observed among individuals of Minervarya nicobariensis in Nicobar Islands (all males). A–C Dorsolateral views. A SDBDU 2021.4250. B SDBDU 2021.4249. C SDBDU 2021.4251. D–G Dorsal views. D SDBDU 2021.4251. E SDBDU 2021.4250. F SDBDU 2021.4252. G SDBDU 2021.4249. H–I Ventral views. H SDBDU 2021.4250. I SDBDU 2021.4249. J Lateral view (SDBDU 2021.4249). K Dorsal view of thighs (SDBDU 2021.4249). L–N Posterior view of thighs. L SDBDU 2021.4250. M SDBDU 2021.4249. N SDBDU 2021.4256. O Ventral view of thighs (SDBDU 2021.4249). P Ventral view of hand (SDBDU 2021.4249). Q Ventral view of foot (SDBDU 2021.4249). R Schematic illustration of foot webbing (SDBDU 2021.4249). Photographs: S. D. Biju and G. Gokulakrishnan.

  Part of: Garg S, Chandrakasan S, Gokulakrishnan G, Gopika C, Das I, Biju SD (2022) The curious case of Charles Darwin’s frog, Rana charlesdarwini Das, 1998: Phylogenetic position and generic placement, with taxonomic insights on other minervaryan frogs (Dicroglossidae: Minervarya) in the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 169-199.