Dorsolateral caudal tubercle and ventrolateral caudal fringe morphology. A Cyrtodactylus cf. brevipalmatus (LSUHC 11788) from Langkawi Island, Kedah State, Peninsular Malaysia. B Cyrtodactylus elok (LSUHC 8238) from Negeri Sembilan State, Peninsular Malaysia.

  Part of: Grismer LL, Rujirawan A, Yodthong S, Stuart BL, Le Duc M, Trung Le D, Chuaynkern Y, Wood, Jr.PL, Aowphol A (2022) The taxonomy and phylogeny of the Cyrtodactylus brevipalmatus group (Squamata: Gekkonidae) with emphasis on C. interdigitalis and C. ngati. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 245-269.