Comparison of Pentalagus furnessi (M 12940), Poelagus marjorita (28732), Romerolagus diazi (10977), Lepus europaeus (M6335), and Ochotona alpina (100485) based on transversal µCT images through the nasal cavity. A different patterns of the lamina semicircularis; the ventral lamella can be significantly rolled up like in Poleagus and Romerolagus, or straight like in Pentalagus and Ochotona; note the cavity formed by the ventral lamella of Poelagus as indicated by the asterisk (*). B turbinal shape patterns in the frontoturbinal recess; note the different orientation of scrolling of the interturbinal in Pentalagus and Poelagus. Abbreviations: dl, dorsal lamella; et I, ethmoturbinal I; ft1–2, frontoturbinal 1–2; it, interturbinal; ls, lamina semicircularis; mt, maxilloturbinal; vl, ventral lamella. Not to scale.

  Part of: Ruf I (2022) The turbinal skeleton of Pentalagus furnessi (Leporidae, Lagomorpha). Vertebrate Zoology 72: 423-432.