Latimeria chalumnae (A–E) CCC 162.11, histological sections. A (T971), overview; B magnified section of dorsal branchial region showing m. cucullaris. C (T1139); D (T1143); E (T1216): progressively more caudal representative sections, E being at the level of the pectoral girdle. F Latimeria chalumnae CCC 29.5, synchrotron CT section at a level similar to C. Abbreviations: cuc, m. cucullaris; ao, distal fibres of adductor operuli; lab 3+4, common belly of levator arcus branchialis 3 and 4; lab 3, 4, 5, levator arcus branchialis 2–5; o, opercular chamber; omo, m. omohyoideus; X, vagus nerve; PLLn, posterior lateral line nerve; PLL, posterior lateral line; pg, pectoral girdle. Scale bars: A=10mm; F=1mm.

  Part of: Johnston P (2022) The missing anatomy of the living coelacanth, Latimeria chalumnae (Smith, 1939). Vertebrate Zoology 72: 513-531.