Chiloscyllium punctatum, male: Different views of the mandibular and the hyoid arch of the dissected specimen. A anterior, B posterior, C dorsal, D ventral and E lateral views of the first and second arch of the splanchiocranium, F lower teeth, and G upper and lower teeth. Abbreviations: amp, adductor mandibular process; apq, ascending process of the palatoquadratum; bh, basihyale; ce, ceratohyal; fo, foramen; hm, hyomandibula; lt, lower teeth; mc, Meckel’s cartilage; mk, mandibular knob; pq, palatoquadratum; qjl, lateral quadratomandibular joint; qjm, medial quadratomandibular joint; sust, sustentaculum; sym, symphysis; ut, upper teeth.

  Part of: Staggl MA, Abed-Navandi D, Kriwet J (2022) Cranial morphology of the orectolobiform shark, Chiloscyllium punctatum Müller & Henle, 1838. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 311-370.