Chiloscyllium punctatum, male: Different perspectives of the anterior part of dissected specimen. In this dissection step the skin and the biggest part of the connective tissue were removed clearly showing large parts of the muscles of the anterior body region. A dorsal, B ventral, C lateral and D anterior views of the dissected specimen. Abbreviations: cc, chondrocranium; ey, eye; hm, hyomandibula; mam, musculus adductor mandibulae; mamI–IV, musculus adductor mandibulae I–IV; mchd, musculus constrictor hyoideus dorsalis; mchv, musculus constrictor hyoideus ventralis; mcoa, musculus coraco arcualis; mcsd, musculus constrictor superficialis dorsalis; mcsv, musculus constrictor superficialis ventralis; mcu, musculus cucullaris; mdpc, musculus depressor pectoralis; mea, musculus epiaxialis; mgco, musculus genio coracoideus; mhpx, musculus hypaxialis; mim, musculus intermandibularis; mlh, musculus levator hyomandibulae; mll, musculus levator labii; mlps, musculus levator pectoralis superficialis; msp, musculus spiracularis; nc, nasal capsules; pec, pectoral fin; rp, rostral process.

  Part of: Staggl MA, Abed-Navandi D, Kriwet J (2022) Cranial morphology of the orectolobiform shark, Chiloscyllium punctatum Müller & Henle, 1838. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 311-370.