Goethe, Haeckel, and Mikucho-Mayclay. A A drawing with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the skull of his former companion, the poet and historian Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805), Ex Libris Ernst Haeckel (private collection of Uwe Hoßfeld), quote by Goethe: “Was kann der Mensch im Leben mehr gewinnen, als daß sich Gott Natur ihm offenbare” (“What more can man gain in life than God Nature reveals himself to him”). B Cover page of “Generelle Morphologie der Organismen”, Vol. 1 (1866), C Micklucho-Maclay in the winter 1886 in St. Petersburg (Russian Geographical Society archive: RGO 6/3/20).

  Part of: Werneburg I, Hossfeld U, Levit GS (2022) Discovery of rare lecture notes from 1866 provides exceptional insights into the conceptualization and visualization of paleontology by Ernst Haeckel. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 577-597. https://doi.org/10.3897/vz.72.e84983