Multidimensional scaling test of the merisitic characters between Bothrocophias tulitoi sp. nov. (cyan squares) and Bothrocophias myrringae sp. nov. (magenta dots). Vectors (black arrows) denote the discrimination capacity of each merisitic variable. A Dorsal scale count after head. B Dorsal scale count midbody. C Dorsal scale count before cloaca. D Dorsal bands. E Ventral scale counts. F Preventral scale counts. G Subcaudal scale counts. H Subnasal scales. I Presence/absence of internasal scales separated by one small scale. J Prefoveal scales. K Subfoveal scale. L Posfoveal scale. M Prelacunal scales. N Presence or absence of lacunolabial scale. O Sublacunal scales. P Supralacunal scales. Q Interoculabial scales. R Intersupraocular scales. S Cantal scales. T Intercantal scales. U Interrictial scales. V Sinsfisial scales. W Supralabial scales. X Infralabial scales. Y Preocular scale.

  Part of: Angarita-Sierra T, Cubides-Cubillos SD, Hurtado-Gómez JP (2022) Hidden in the highs: Two new species of the enigmatic toadheaded pitvipers of the genus Bothrocophias. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 971-996.