Map of collection localities and numbers of 61 non-spitting cobra specimens of Naja kaouthia (black line) and N. fuxi (blue line) from each site in Thailand. Altitudes (m above mean sea level [m a.s.l.]) where cobra specimen(s) were found are indicated in each locality (N = north, C = centre, I = north-east, W = west, and S = south). Codes in brackets denote specimen numbers used in this study, related to the phylogenetic results. Map background has been applied from

  Part of: Ratnarathorn N, Nadolski B, Sumontha M, Hauser S, Suntrarachun S, Khunsap S, Laoungbua P, Radcliffe CA, Vasaruchapong T, Tawan T, Chanhome L (2023) An expanded description, natural history, and genetic variation of the recently described cobra species Naja fuxi Shi et al., 2022. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 257-276.