Phylogenetic tree based on (A) the control region (390 bp) and (B) the cytochrome b (1060 bp) of some cobra samples in this study and Genbank sequences. Only branches with more than 50% BPP are shown. BPP values indicate distinct clades of Naja species in Asia. The N. fuxi lineage (red line) includes specimens from China (Acc. no. GU563519 [Lin et al. 2014], KU527540 [Yang et al., GenBank only], and JN160672 [Lin et al. 2012], red box with two red asterisks) and Thailand (C01–05, N01–06, I01–05, and W01–04), confirming that the Thai montane cobras are conspecific with Naja fuxi.

  Part of: Ratnarathorn N, Nadolski B, Sumontha M, Hauser S, Suntrarachun S, Khunsap S, Laoungbua P, Radcliffe CA, Vasaruchapong T, Tawan T, Chanhome L (2023) An expanded description, natural history, and genetic variation of the recently described cobra species Naja fuxi Shi et al., 2022. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 257-276.