Median-joining haplotype networks of (A) concatenated mtDNA and (B) nuclear DNA, illustrating 27 (H1–28) and 5 (H1–5) haplotypes among species in the genus Naja, respectively. The colour tone indicates cobra species; Naja fuxi (red), N. kaouthia (green), N. siamensis (blue), N. mandalayensis (pink), N. atra (purple), and N. naja (black). Colour shade indicates collection region (i.e., red = north-east, dark red = north, orange = west, dark green = centre, green = south, lime = Myanmar, yellow green = southern island). White dots on branches represent inferred missing haplotypes. The haplotype results clearly indicated the popuation structure of N. kaouthia and N. fuxi (for mtDNA).

  Part of: Ratnarathorn N, Nadolski B, Sumontha M, Hauser S, Suntrarachun S, Khunsap S, Laoungbua P, Radcliffe CA, Vasaruchapong T, Tawan T, Chanhome L (2023) An expanded description, natural history, and genetic variation of the recently described cobra species Naja fuxi Shi et al., 2022. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 257-276.