A Histological cross section of the squamoso-dental jaw articulation in a neonate Crocidura russula. B At postnatal day 5 the mandibular jaw is beginnung to differentiate its lower chamber. C After 10 days, the secondary lower compartment of the jaw is already well differentiated; the processus glenoideus inferior shows secondary cartilage at its tip. D After 15 postnatal days of development, the mandibular jaw of Crocidura russula is approaching the proportions of the adult (cf. Fig. 17 A). Abbreviations: ali – alisphenoid, ama – angulus mandibulae, aor – ala orbitalis, ate – ala temporalis, cM – cartilago Meckeli, cma – caput mandibulae, cnp – cupula nasi posterior, dnp – ductus nasopharyngeus, et 3 – ethmoturbinal 3, gtr – ganglion trigemini, hpt – hamulus pterygoideus, lt – lamina terminalis, ltr – lamina trabecularis, nV3 – nervus mandibularis, osph – orbitosphenoid, pgi – processus glenoideus inferiror, sna – septum nasi, squ – squamosum, vo – vomer.

  Part of: Maier W, Tröscher A, Ruf I (2022). The orbitotemporal region and the mandibular joint in the skull of shrews (Soricidae, Mammalia). Vertebrate Zoology 72: 1099-1124. https://doi.org/10.3897/vz.72.e90840