Posterior end of the nasal capsule and its topographic relations with the cartilages of the pila metoptica and the lamina trabecularis in neonates of Crocidura russula (A1–A3) and Sorex araneus (B1–B3). The proportions of the cupula and its relations with the ala orbitalis are somewhat different in the two taxa. In Crocidura the cupula nasi posterior comes to lie completely at the dorsal side of the pila metoptica, whereas in Sorex the tip of the cupula is enclosed by the pila metoptica. Abbreviations: alo – ala orbitalis, ali – alisphenoid, alt – ala temporalis, cnp – cupula nasi posterior, dnp – ductus nasopharyngeus, fop – foramen opticum, gtr – ganglion trigemini, htp – hamulus pterygoideus, ltr – lamina trabecularis, mph – mesopharynx, mtv – musculus tensor veli palatini, nop – nervus opticus, pal – palatinum, pmo – pila metoptica, sna – septum nasi.

  Part of: Maier W, Tröscher A, Ruf I (2022). The orbitotemporal region and the mandibular joint in the skull of shrews (Soricidae, Mammalia). Vertebrate Zoology 72: 1099-1124.