Map of Madagascar showing the confirmed localities of the assigned lineages of the Guibemantis liber complex (color scheme of the genetic lineages refers to the one used in Fig. 1). Note that the assignment of the Ambodivoangy samples to G. fotsitenda relies on data from nuclear-encoded genes, whereas mitochondrial DNA place these samples with G. razandry. The Ambodiriana samples are assigned to G. razoky by mitochondrial DNA but this assignment is in need of confirmation (nuclear-encoded DNA sequences are missing for these samples).

  Part of: Koppetsch T, Pabijan M, Hutter CR, Köhler J, Gehring P-S, Rakotoarison A, Ratsoavina FM, Scherz MD, Vieites DR, Glaw F, Vences M (2023) An initial molecular resolution of the mantellid frogs of the Guibemantis liber complex reveals three new species from northern Madagascar. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 397-432.