Majority-rule consensus tree from a partitioned Bayesian phylogenetic inference based on the combined mitochondrial and nuclear-encoded gene fragments (COB, COX1, 12S, 16S, RAG1, RAG2, BDNF, POMC, TYR) for representative samples of the genetic lineages of the G. liber complex and all other nominal species of Guibemantis. Values at nodes are Bayesian posterior probabilities (not shown if <0.89 and for some of the shallowest nodes. The tree was rooted with a species of the mantellid genus Mantella (removed from the figure for better graphical representation). See Discussion for an evaluation of the apparent paraphyly of the G. liber complex suggested by this tree.

  Part of: Koppetsch T, Pabijan M, Hutter CR, Köhler J, Gehring P-S, Rakotoarison A, Ratsoavina FM, Scherz MD, Vieites DR, Glaw F, Vences M (2023) An initial molecular resolution of the mantellid frogs of the Guibemantis liber complex reveals three new species from northern Madagascar. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 397-432.