Live specimens of various species of Cordylus: A C. machadoi (PEM R25218 – 6 km north of Humpata, Huíla Province, Angola; photo: William R. Branch); B C. namakuiyus (PEM R18005 – between Namibe and Omahua lodge, Namibe Province, Angola; photo: William R. Branch); C C. phonolithos (CAS 263581, holotype – vicinity of N’Dolondolo, Serra da Neve, Namibe Province, Angola; photo: Luis M. P. Ceríaco); D C. rhodesianus (near Chimoio, Mozambique; photo: David Maguire); E C. tropidosternum (Kayalekera, Malawi; photo: Luke Verburgt); F C. jonesii (Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa; photo: Darren Pietersen); G C. vittifer (NMB R8523 – Farm: Dipka 220, Vrede district, Free State Province, South Africa; photo: Michael F. Bates); H C. cordylus (NMB R8540 – Ha Sehlaba, Lesotho; photo: Michael F. Bates). Representatives of all four Cordylus clades recovered by the current genetic analysis are included.

  Part of: Bates MF, Lobón-Rovira J, Stanley EL, Branch WR, Vaz Pinto P (2023) A new species of green-eyed Cordylus Laurenti, 1768 from the west-central highlands of Angola, and the rediscovery of Cordylus angolensis (Bocage, 1895) (Squamata: Cordylidae). Vertebrate Zoology 73: 599-646.