Geographical distribution of Cordylus angolensis (dark blue) and C. momboloensis sp. nov. (green) in Angola. The distribution of the three species of the C. machadoi group (C. machadoi [red], C. namakuiyus [pale blue], C. phonolithos [yellow]) is also indicated. Type localities are indicated by stars; for C. angolensis, the original type locality of Caconda is indicated by a black star, while the neotype locality is indicated by a dark blue star. Locality records are from the present study (see species accounts and Appendix 1) as well as Bocage (1895), Laurent (1964), Stanley et al. (2016), Marques et al. (2019), and Lobón-Rovira et al. (2022b).

  Part of: Bates MF, Lobón-Rovira J, Stanley EL, Branch WR, Vaz Pinto P (2023) A new species of green-eyed Cordylus Laurenti, 1768 from the west-central highlands of Angola, and the rediscovery of Cordylus angolensis (Bocage, 1895) (Squamata: Cordylidae). Vertebrate Zoology 73: 599-646.