Paraphyly of Pelusios rhodesianus with respect to P. carinatus. Detail of maximum likelihood tree using up to 2,117 bp of mtDNA from Kindler et al. (2016). Numbers above branches are bootstrap values and below are posterior probabilities from a Bayesian analysis of the same dataset. Asterisks indicate maximally supported nodes under both approaches. Insets: P. carinatus, Democratic Republic of the Congo (photo: Václav Gvoždík); P. rhodesianus, Angola (photo: Uwe Fritz).

  Part of: Fritz U, Tolley KA, Vamberger M, Ihlow F (2022) Phylogeny and phylogeography of chelonians from sub-Saharan Africa—A review of current knowledge in tribute to Margaretha D. Hofmeyr. Vertebrate Zoology 72: 951-969.