Geographical distribution of Ctenomys pulcer. A Geographical distribution of the magellanicus, mendocinus and talarum species groups (Bidau 2015; Tammone et al. 2022; Lacey et al. 2022); B distribution of Ctenomys pulcer sp. nov., talarum group and C. australis in central-eastern Argentina (Bidau 2015; Carnovale et al. 2021; this work); C detail of southwestern coastal area of the Buenos Aires province displaying habitats and collecting sites of C. pulcer sp. nov. (blue dots), C. talarum (light orange dots), and C. australis (green dots) and the location of Monte Hermoso 1 site (black rectangle) [map data 2022 (C) Google]; the asterisk denotes Estancia Delta, the type locality of Ctenomys pulcer sp. nov.; white arrow in photographs denotes mounds. Photographs from July 1999.

  Part of: Verzi DH, De Santi NA, Olivares AI, Morgan CC, Basso NG, Brook F (2023) A new species of the highly polytypic South American rodent Ctenomys increases the diversity of the magellanicus clade. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 289-312.