Cleared and double stained hyopalatine arch, jaws, and opercular series of selected teleosts lacking a quadrate-metapterygoid fenestra. A Elops saurus, MTD-F 40156, 33.6 mm SL. B Denticeps clupeoides, MTD-F 40157, 18.7 mm SL. C Chanos chanos, MTD-F 40158, 26.5 mm SL. Abbreviations: An, angulo-articular; Apa, autopalatine; CM, coronomeckelian; De, dentary; Dpa, dermopalatine; Ecpt, ectopterygoid; Enpt, endopterygoid; Hy, hyomandibular; Iop, interopercle; MC, Meckel’s cartilage; Met, metapterygoid; Mx, maxilla; Op, opercle; PAp, pars autopalatina; Pmx, premaxilla; Pop, preopercle; Q, quadrate; Ra, retroarticular; Sop, subopercle; Spmx, supramaxilla; Spop, suprapreopercle; Sy, symplectic.

  Part of: Britz R, Mattox GMT, Conway KW (2023) The quadrate-metapterygoid fenestra of otophysan fishes, its development and homology. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 35-55.