Map showing the type localities of Gracixalus species from northeast India and southeast Asia (Clade I-Green Circles, Clade II- Brown Circles): 1 G. medogensis; 2 G. patkaiensis sp. nov (Star); 3 G. carinensis; 4 G. seesom; 5 G. yunnanensis; 6 G. sapaensis; 7 G. gracilipes; 8 G. ziegleri; 9 G. quangi; 10 G. ananjevae; 11 G. quyeti; 12 G. supercornutus; 13 G. lumarius; 14 G. trieng; 15 G. tianlinensis; 16 G. nonggangensis; 17 G. jinxiuensis; 18 G. guangdongensis; 19 G. jinggangensis; 20 G. truongi. Insert image: Gracixalus patkaiensis sp. nov.

  Part of: Boruah B, Deepak V, Patel NG, Jithin V, Yomcha T, Das A (2023) A new species of green tree frog of the genus Gracixalus (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from the evergreen forest of Northeast India. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 557-574.