Phylogenetic relationship of species in the genus Gracixalus based 16S rRNA. A ML phylogeny with bootstrap support values, B BI phylogeny with Bayesian posterior probability support values. Scalebar = substitutions per site. Bootstrap support values < 70 and BPP support values < 0.70 are not shown in the figure. Outgroups are not shown in the figure. Labelled in blue text are sequences of G. patkaiensis sp. nov. generated in this study.

  Part of: Boruah B, Deepak V, Patel NG, Jithin V, Yomcha T, Das A (2023) A new species of green tree frog of the genus Gracixalus (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from the evergreen forest of Northeast India. Vertebrate Zoology 73: 557-574.