Vertebrate Zoology 58(1): 83-92, doi:
Two new hylid frogs (Anura: Hylidae: Litoria) from western New Guinea
expand article infoRainer Günther§
‡ Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany§ Berlin Museum, Berlin, Germany
Open Access
Two new Litoria species with affinities to the L. nigropunctata species-group are described on the basis of recently collected material from the base of the Wandammen Peninsula and from the Onin Peninsula, western Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), Province of Indonesia. The descriptions include mainly data on morphology, bioacoustics and osteology.
Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae, Litoria, new species, morphology, osteology, bioacoustics, ecology, Papua Province, New Guinea, Indonesia.