Vertebrate Zoology 58(2): 139-157, doi:
Revision of the Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus-group (Teleostei: Characiformes: Characidae), with description of two new species from Venezuela
expand article infoCarlos Garcia-Alzate, Cèsar Romàn Valencia§, Donald Taphorn|
‡ Universidad del Quindío, Laboratorio de Ictiología, Apartado 2639, Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, Quindío, Colombia§ Universidad del Quindio, Armenia,Quindio, Colombia| 1822 N. Charles St., Belleville, IL, United States of America
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Five valid species of the Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus-group are recognized as occurring in Venezuela: Hyphessobrycon diancistrus, H. sovichthys, H. fernandezi, and two new species from Caribbean coastal drainages, H. paucilepis and H. tuyensis. A redescription of H. fernandezi is included and a neotype is designated. The distribution of these species is analyzed and a key is provided to aid identifi cation
Caribbean, Coastal, Lara, Yaracuy, Tuy, tropical fish.