Vertebrate Zoology 60(2): 147-162, doi:
Morphometrics, distribution and ecology of the amphibians in Jordan
expand article infoAHMAD M. Disi, Zuhair Amr
‡ Jordan University of Science & Technology, Irbid, Jordan
Open Access
One urodele amphibian species (Ommatotriton vittatus) and four anuran species (Pseudepidalea viridis, Pelophylax bedriagae, Hyla savignyi and Pelobates syriacus) were recorded from Jordan. Alcohol-preserved specimens (n = 340) were examined. Seventeen measurements were taken and are compared between the sexes. The distribution and habitat for each species are discussed. The current status of the amphibians of Jordan is discussed.
Amphibians, Jordan, ecology, morphometrics