Vertebrate Zoology 60(3): 187-192, doi:
Description of a new species of Microglanis from rio Barra Seca basin, southeastern Brazil (Siluriformes: Pseudopmelodidae)
expand article infoFelipe P. Ottoni, JOSÉ L. O. Mattos, Maria Anaïs Barbosa
Open Access
Microglanis minutus, new species, is described from the rio Barra Seca basin. This species belongs to the Microglanis parahybae species complex by the following combination of characters: body light brown with fi rst and second dark brown saddles not extending ventrally below horizontal through pectoral-fin origin; light oval spot located below dorsalfin spine; third dark brown saddle not reaching anal-fin base; and caudal fin with upper lobe more developed than the inferior. The new species differs from all others M. parahybae species complex by a combination of morphological characters: pectoral and anal fins mottled or with relatively faint bands; caudal fin emarginate, trunk with dark brown saddles; caudal peduncle with faint to dark blotch irregularly shaped, caudal fin lightly mottled with narrow vertical dark brown band across central portions of lobes, dark saddle beneath adipose fin not extending ventrally to anal fin as continuous bar, continuous portion of lateral line not reaching vertical through origin of adipose fin, tip of pectoral spine as distinct bony point, a wider head, a dark blotch beneath adipose fin not extending to anal fin, distal portion of anal fin without dark band, dark saddle beneath adipose fin extending ventrally to more than the half of trunk and a light oval spot located below dorsal-fin spine.
Espírito Santo, Microglanis minutus sp. n., Microglanis nigripinnis, Microglanis parahybae, Microglanis pataxo, Taxonomy.