Vertebrate Zoology 60(3): 199-208, doi:
Intraspecific colour preference in mate choice by female Apistogramma cacatuoides HOEDEMAN, 1951 (Teleostei: Perciformes: Cichlidae)
expand article infoBernd Engelking, Uwe Römer, Wolfgang Beisenherz
‡ Universität Triercom, Triercom, Germany
Open Access
In mate-choice experiments females of the Neotropical cichlid Apistogramma cacatuoides unerringly differentiate between males of different populations and a red aquarium strain. Females use male colour traits to choose their mates. The preference of wild females for red-coloured males varies from 3 % to 69 % dependent on geographical origin, whereas aquarium-strain females prefer their own bright-coloured males in about 90 % of cases. The preferences of wild females show signifi cant differences depending on their origin and following a geographical gradient. The high degree of stability in assortative mating behaviour in female A. cacatuoides may indicate incipient speciation processes.
Speciation, behaviour, reproductive biology, assortative mating, sexual selection, cichlids, Neotropics, Peru.