Vertebrate Zoology 60(3): 243-248, doi:
Odontometrical divergence in the Gerbe's vole Microtus (Terricola) pyrenaicus gerbei (GERBE, 1879) in comparison to the Pyrenean vole M. (Terricola) pyrenaicus pyrenaicus (DE SÉLYS LONGCHAMPS, 1847) (Mammalia: Rodentia: Arvicolinae)
expand article infoPATRICK Brunet-Lecomte
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This study confi rms the odontometrical divergence of the fi rst lower molar in the Gerbe’s vole Microtus (Terricola) pyrenaicus gerbei in comparison with the Pyrenean vole M. pyreneaicus pyrenaicus as well as the interest of genetic analyses to resolve its systematic position with regard to Microtus (Terricola) pyrenaicus.
Microtus (Terricola) pyrenaicus gerbei, Arvicolinae, Rodentia, Vendée, Loire Region, France