Vertebrate Zoology 61(1): 113-135, doi:
Apistogramma cinilabra sp. n.: Description of a potentially endangered endemic cichlid species (Teleostei: Perciformes: Cichlidae) from the Departamento Loreto, Peru
expand article infoUwe Römer, Fabrice Duponchelle, Antonia Vela Díaz, Carmen Garcia Davilla, Susana Sirvas, Catalina Diaz Catchay, Jean-François Renno
‡ Universität Triercom, Triercom, Germany
Open Access
A new species of Apistogramma is described from Peru, based on a total of 35 specimens collected in a small forest lake in the wider catchment of the Rio Itaya about 80 kilometres south of Iquitos, Departamento Loreto (approximately 73°35′W / 04°24′S). Apistogramma cinilabra sp. n. is separated from all other Apistogramma species by the combination of (in adult males) strikingly red base of pectoral, red spots on chest, (in aggression and display) light ash-grey lips, exceptionally short caudal peduncle, and disproportionately deep body. Apistogramma cinilabra sp. n. is thought to be a representative of the Apistogramma eunotus complex within the Apistogramma regani lineage.
Endangered species, endemism, ecology, freshwater, Neotropics, Rio Itaya System, new taxa, systematics