Vertebrate Zoology 61(3): 314-321, doi:
Apistogramma playayacu sp. n.: Description of a new cichlid species (Teleostei: Perciformes: Geophaginae) from the Rio Napo system, Ecuador
expand article infoUwe Römer, JOSCHA Beninde, Ingo Hahn
‡ Universität Triercom, Triercom, Germany
Open Access
Apistogramma playayacu sp. n. is described based on a total of 41 specimens from tributaries of the Rio Napo from the border area between Ecuador and Peru (about 76°36′ W // 00°22′ S). The species is distinguished from all other Apistogramma species by the combination of 7 to 8 horizontal rows of mostly triangular black spots along the sides, horizontally devided spot on caudal base, rounded caudal fin, and straight narrow cheek stripe. The species is a moderately large (males up to 49 mm, females to 38 mm SL), high-backed, laterally compressed, and only slightly elongated Apistogramma species. Apistogramma playayacu sp. n. probably belongs to the Apistogramma macmasteri complex within the Apistogramma regani lineage (sensu Römer, 2006), and exhibits pronounced sexual dimorphism.
Cichlidae, freshwater, ichthyology, Neotropics, taxonomy, new taxa, systematics